About Us

MotiVapeNation is an advocacy effort that has been set in motion to provide vaping safety tips and promote community understanding of the vaping industry.
It is our mission to provide free starter kits to current smokers who are ready to switch to vaping and live a healthier smoke free life.

MotiVapeNation is a effort to take a step back from the hobby side of vaping and give back to our community on a grassroots level.
We are vapers that have been advocating for less restrictions on vaping and also advocating for a healthier alternative to the dangers of smoking. In a combined effort we have all decided to join forces to make a bigger national impact.

We at MotiVapeNation believe in the advocacy of vaping and vaping rights
We also believe that Vaping is a safer alternative to smoking and saves lives.
Help a person quit smoking and  save a life!
Email info@motivapenation.net to help.

Quitter kits are available on a first come first serve basis.
Everyone Loves a quitter! Together we can make a difference.n.